Use Hydra Quartz for Blanket Weed Treatment which starves the blanket weed by chelating and absorbing nitrates and phosphates which are essential for blanket weed growth; its bacteria and enzymes control and prevent blanket weed for extended periods http://www.hydra-aqua.com/pond-supplies-uk/hydra-quartz.html
call: Carrol Estes phone: 606-383-3332 >>>>FACTORY DIRECT PRICE >>ALSO AVAILABLE IN 18FT.
I am driving up from Florida and am looking for all types of good green hay. Grass, Orchard, Alfalfa, or a mix of any as long as its good and green and has had no rain! I have handled hay my whole life so please dont call if it got wet. I will buy 400-500 bales at a time and pay cash. 352-286-7641 I will pay anywhere from $2-4 depending on the quality. It will have to be beautiful alfalfa hay f...

Round Pen

70 ft Galvanized steel, 4 ft. gate, 2 years old. 614-746-4783
13hp briggs&stratton, 38''mow deck,8 speed, well maintained and runs very well. belt was taken off for the winter. for info call don at 606-231-5231 or 609-312-9979 in london ky
Kolbeinn (or Kol for short) is a Yellow Dun. He has very good bloodlines! His sire was a first prized stallion(which Kolbeinn looks exactly like him) and Kolbeinn's dam was a first prized mare. Kolbeinn is one of the last Kolskeggur babies around. He is very well gaited, he shows beautiful movements out in the pasture. He tolts like crazy. I do believe he is five gaited, just like his sir...
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